10 Ideas WWE Could Use for the 24/7 Championship


Since its creation on May 20th 2019, the 24/7 Championship has been one of the highlights of WWE programming for me. Some love it, some hate it, but as Scott Steiner once said, the numbers don’t lie. Consistently, all social media and video content involving this unique championship have been receiving huge viewing figures and positive engagements, so clearly the company is doing something right allowing their superstars to be let loose with this green and gold strap.

With the open nature of the 24/7 Championship allowing for so many different situations and shenanigans to take place, there are dozens of potential avenues for WWE to explore. Inspired by the wonderfully entertaining videos we’ve been blessed with over the last month and a half, I’ve put forward some thoughts of what I’d love to see show up on my TV and Twitter feed. These are 10 Ideas WWE Could Use for the 24/7 Championship.



Establish Why it’s Important

First things first: why are so many people scrambling to win this championship? Why is Jinder Mahal prepared to run in full gear onto a golf course to pick up that prize? Why has Drake Maverick practically ruined his life for this belt? Well, we don’t really know…

When the 24/7 Championship was unveiled by Mick Foley, he spoke about every wrestler’s desire to be a champion, and now they have a chance to be a defending title holder all day, everyday. That being said, that doesn’t exactly explain why anybody would want that duty.

Based purely on the nature of the belt, it’s clear this has no prestige – it’s simply for fun and to give more performers a platform to be creative and entertaining, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a storyline reason for them to hold it other than the fact it’s big and shiny. Given that there’s been no clear advantages outlined to being a 24/7 Champion, WWE needs to establish a goal for all those getting in serious cardio following that green and gold strap around.

But what possible reason could you give to make your toster want to hold a belt they could lose within twenty seconds? Well, money for a start. Or perhaps a chance at a better title? Winning that 24/7 Championship isn’t impressive, holding onto though requires a certain level of skill. Manage to keep your grasp on that belt for a set amount of time, you should be rewarded. If you’re savvy enough to not be pinned for two weeks, a month, whatever, when you’re vulnerable at all times, you should be congratulated for your efforts.

Proving yourself as a long-reigning low level champion should be enough to raise you up the card, or boost up your bank account at the very least, then as fans, we will be able to understand why people would be willing to ruin somebody else’s wedding for the honour. It’s as simple as that.



Give it to Big E

Big E may just be one of the most entertaining people in the entire WWE. Both on television and over on Twitter, this New Day member provides us all with hilarious and often quite shocking content to keep us majorly entertained. With that in mind, just imagine what kind of ridiculousness he and his stablemates could create if he was in possession of the 24/7 Championship?

Let’s set the scene: Big E has won the gold and disappeared into the night after SmackDown. Drake Maverick follows Big E back to his hotel accompanied by a camera man in the late hours of the night. Slowly, they open the door of his room for the evening, only to discover that Big E is sat having dinner with his one true love… Becky Lynch’s mother. Big E turns to the door, and one, “Do you mind?” later, Maverick walks away shocked at what he has seen.

The imaginative lunacy of Big E needs to be set loose upon this belt which thrives on creativity and hilarity, two qualities Big E has been blessed with significantly. Whether he constructs elaborate situations for wrestlers to navigate, or he simply just wears it around his waist as he vigorously gyrates his massive hips, either way I’ll be more than happy.



Take it to the Hardy Compound

A popular idea that’s been floating around the internet for the last few weeks has been the 24/7 Championship taking a trip to the Hardy Compound, an area we haven’t seen since a WWE Network Halloween special in 2018. As we saw both during his run in IMPACT Wrestling and in the WWE Ultimate Deletion Match, the Hardy Compound is a battleground for creative, interesting content. Introducing the 24/7 Championship to the wonderfully weird world of the Hardy family could only be beneficial for everyone involved.

The beauty of this idea is that it doesn’t just have to extend to random skits on social media, it could be a far greater source of content. Once Hardy takes it back to the compound, how on Earth would anybody get close to it? As we’ve seen in the past, the land is covered in traps, oddities and Jeff Hardy’s personas. If you want that belt, you’ll have to navigate your way through a maze of obstacles, except the thing is, nobody can find a way in.

A series of clips are posted on social media showing various superstars trying to get into the Hardy Compound, only to find entry impossible. After weeks of failed attempts, Hardy takes pity on the desperate wrestlers in search of gold, so he decides for one night only, the compound is open for all challengers to strive to win that belt. Thus begins a WWE Network special (or a series of segments on Raw) direct from the House of Hardy.

For a combined thirty minutes, we get to see desperate superstars battling against each other and their fears as they encounter the strangeness in the world of Hardy. They must row across the Lake of Reincarnation, avoid the traps laid by Senor Benjamin, bypass the Mower of Lawns, until the remaining few make it to the title holder. Matt Hardy as 24/7 Champion could take the creative potential of this belt to a different level, and I for one think it would be WONDERFUL.

Use Creative Ways to Decide Title Changes

So far, we’ve only seen the title change hands via pinfall – let’s change that. Take a page out of DDT’s books who have allowed their 24/7 Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship change via a multitude of creative submissions. Colt Cabana beat Scott Hall by tricking him into reading “I give up”, Jervic Cottonbelly won it by tickling the then champion until he told him to stop (counting as a submission), Joey Ryan patted Vince McMahon’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame which counted as a tap out.

Now, I’m not saying they should go to the full extent of insanity that DDT do by giving the belt to inanimate objects and adorable animals, yet if superstars can find inventive ways to manipulate the unique nature of the WWE 24/7 Championship, I’m sure that would lead to even more creative, hilarious entertainment. Who doesn’t want to see Drake Maverick find new ways every single day of trying to trick R-Truth into relinquishing it? The schemes he could cook up would be phenomenal.




Involve Your Entire Roster

WWE currently has more employees than ever before in company history. They have an absurdly large pool of talent, a significant portion of which they have absolutely no idea what to do with. With so many signed talents at their disposal not getting used on a regular basis, why have we so far only seen male main roster stars pursuing the 24/7 Championship?

The women’s division. NXT UK. 205 Live. NXT. Everybody at the Performance Centre. Having the belt bounce from brand to brand, gender to gender would help keep the 24/7 Championship more interesting and diverse. Go on WWE, I dare you to put that championship on Rik Bugez, it would be hilarious.


maxresdefault (1).jpg

Utilize the Network

Thanks to their unnecessary amount of signed talent, WWE now produces more content than ever before. With so many different platforms to give people exposure, why not involve the 24/7 Championship? Beyond just having the belt show up on 205 Live, NXT and NXT UK, why not Table for Three? Maybe even WWE Photoshoot? Who wouldn’t want to see somebody pull up to get food on an episode of Ride Along, only to be ambushed and have their title taken from them? I know I would.



Have Somebody Disappear for a Month

If you hold the 24/7 Championship, you’ve got a massive target on your back. You are on constant alert for your fellow superstars attempting to take the prize from you, you are always under threat – so what if nobody knew where you were?

Let’s see how desperate people really are to keep the belt by having one of the holders go into hiding. By doing so, not only do we give a lucky member of the roster some much deserved time off, but we get weeks of entertaining content involving wrestlers searching around the globe for the championship, with hilarious results.

Let People Trade for It

When Andre the Giant won the WWF Championship in 1988, he immediately relinquished the prize, and handed it over to Ted DiBiase for financial gain. In 2016, Scarlett Bordeaux traded the DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship to Rhyno for his autograph. The point is, some things are worth more than championships to certain people, yet for others, holding the gold means everything.

At some point, somebody on the WWE roster is going to realise that the 24/7 Championship could be used as a bargaining tool. As we’ve seen with the desperation of Drake Maverick, R-Truth and Jinder Mahal, some people are willing to go to ridiculous lengths to hold that title, meaning that anybody that is in possession of it may be tempted to take advantage of their championship desires by putting a deal on the table. Money, possessions, Carmella’s managerial assistance, whatever they desire. The more we open up the possibilities for the title changing hands, the more opportunities we will have for entertainment gold.


maxresdefault (2).jpg

Take it to Non-WWE Events/Partner Companies

With WWE currently partnering with so many independent companies, like PROGRESS and EVOLVE, that’s a wealth of talent at your disposal to involve in the 24/7 Championship scene. What about their many corporate and charity events? What about award ceremonies they attend? Chat shows their employees go on? Having somebody run out and pin the 24/7 Champion at a highly publicized event would be a great way of getting thousands of new eye balls onto WWE by showing off how much fun pro wrestling can be.

Hell, why not take it a step further? Why not give it to a celebrity WWE superfan? Snoop Dogg wins WWE 24/7 Championship – I can see the tabloid website headlines now. If this belt was created at the request of USA to help boost ratings if rumors are to be believed, then having these title changes take place on the biggest stages possible with some mainstream names would certainly help. Take a risk, it may just pay off.


960 (1).jpg

Have People on 205 Live Use it as Bribery

Drake Maverick has practically ruined his life pursuing the 24/7 Championship. He went weeks without changing clothes, it’s pretty much ended his marriage before it’s even really started, the man is obsessed with this title, much to our delight because he has been providing us with constant gold for weeks on end.

It shouldn’t be too long before this unhealthy obsession begins to impact on his role as 205 Live general manager, something which up until now he’s been great at, which is where the cruiserweight roster has a chance to capitalise. With Maverick so focused on hunting down the 24/7 Champion, certain superstars’ requests and title opportunities will start to be ignored. All of his focus will be on the belt with little on the talent he oversees.

Sick of being overlooked, some of the 205 Live roster make a deal with Maverick: if they can get their hands on the 24/7 Championship, hold it long enough to bring it to him on Tuesday night, and then hand it over for Maverick to keep, he will reward them with a match of their choosing in return. Expanding on the aforementioned trading idea, with the likes of Akira Tozawa and Ariya Daivari running around trying to find the 24/7 Champion, we could be in for some highly entertaining content, not to mention the added Drake Maverick skits we would be blessed with.

Watching Maverick become increasingly more desperate for the prize on a week to week basis at the expense of his job would be comedy gold in his hands. 205 Live already has some of the best wrestling matches in the company in every single episodes, injecting it with some ridiculous fun as well would be a tremendous bonus.

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