15 of the Most Weird and Wonderful Promotions in Pro Wrestling Today


When you think about it, pro wrestling is really fucking weird. Even at it it’s most basic level, it’s absurd – half naked people rolling around on the floor for a chance to win a belt. People getting thrown into a set of ropes, and then choosing to bounce back off them for no reason at all. It’s all insane, but that’s why we absolutely love it.

One of the greatest things about professional wrestling is how extraordinarily diverse it can be. Pro wrestling doesn’t just have to be defined as one thing, it’s one of the best variety shows on Earth that can be catered to any type of audience imaginable. Some pro wrestling promotions though take creative liberties to a different level though, with everything from wacky and fun, to downright disturbing.

I’ve delved my way into the abnormal realm of offbeat pro wrestling, and found some of the most gloriously strange offerings the world has to offer. These are 15 of the Most Weird and Wonderful Promotions in Pro Wrestling Today.

For this list, I’ll only be including promotions that are actively running today, or on hiatus. Any officially defunct promotions aren’t eligible as they may be saved for a future feature.




Honourable Mention: Pizza Party Wrestling

This isn’t as much weird as it is awesome, so I thought I’d give them some recognition. They’re practically a brand new promotion, but my god do I want to go to a Pizza Party Wrestling show. It’s exactly what you think it is: pizza and pro wrestling, simple as that. As odd as it would be to turn up to a wrestling show and see a table lined up with enough pizza to feed an entire audience, it’s clearly the greatest idea of all time. A little strange to base your entire promotion around the fact you serve pizza at your wrestling shows, but my god what an experience that would be.



15. Ironfist Wrestling

Based in the West Midlands, Ironfist’s unique appeal is that each of their shows is themed, and oh boy do they run with those themes. They’ve done a Lord of the Rings show, Game of Thrones complete with Iron Throne, a series of cowboy themed shows including a Red Dead Dedemption offering, Star Wars, medieval, greek themed shows, the lot! Do a Simpsons themed show and I am guaranteed to be there.



14. Olde Wrestling

Roll up! Roll up! Olde Wrestling is here to serve up some roaring ‘rasslin action straight from the 1920’s. Trust me, it’s the bee’s knees! Ladies and gentleman putting up their dukes and throwing their gams at each other while a live jazz band plays some swell music for you to enjoy.

With a roster starring time travelling versions of Orange Cassidy, Matt Cross, Kimber Lee, Allysin Kay, Gregory Iron, and many more, Olde Wrestling is a calamity of vintage entertainment filled with art deco goodness. I’m sure if you head to this period promotion you will have a spiffing good time, but just remember: if you take a photograph with any of the grapplers at a show, whatever you do, do not smile. Never show happiness in an old timey photograph.



13. Chinko Pro Wrestling

Chinko means penis. Penis Pro Wrestling.

Set up in 2017 (surprisingly not by Joey Ryan), Chinko’s main theme is that it allows and encourages low blows. In fact, the more penis-related offence the better. It’s not uncommon for Chinko matches to consist of just inventive ways of hitting somebody in the private parts. In fact, there was so much genitalia grappling going on in Chinko,  Mineo Fujita, the founder of CPW, put the company on hiatus because he suffered a penis injury thanks to too many shots to the member, so as of right now, Chinko Pro Wrestling is currently on hold until his genitals are fully healed.

Despite this though, Chinko hasn’t officially become a defunct promotion yet, so let’s hope they res-erect this company soon.



12. Inter Species Wrestling

I mean, you shouldn’t really expect catch wrestling specialists with a name like that.

The majority of ISW’s roster are independent wrestlers local to Quebec or Connecticut, along with a few bigger names, but of course as the name would suggest, they do have some other species of performers competing on their shows. Turtles, werewolves, bears, insects, creepy bunnies, all are welcome at Inter Species Wrestling.



11. Attack! Pro Wrestling

Founded in 2011 by an extremely young Pete Dunne and ring announcer Jim Lee so that young British wrestlers would actually have somewhere to perform, Attack! Pro Wrestling is known for injecting creativity into all of their events.

So what makes them weirdly wonderful? Well, they’ve got a 24/7 Championship (standard), they once had Pete Dunne vs. Tyler Bate except Pete was dressed like Tyler and Tyler was dressed like Pete, they had a very prominent character called The Love Making Demon, they hold a video game themed show every year called Press Start, and most importantly of all, they once had a show called Lifestyles of the Weird and Wonderful – very on-brand! Plus, Attack will always be remembered as the birthplace of Sexy Trav (damn, that boy can move).

Attack aren’t consistently weird (we’ll get to those companies later on, don’t worry), but when they want to be, they can provide some ridiculous entertainment. The rest of the time, they’re allowing some of the best young talent in the UK to show off how great they are in the ring, so I highly recommend you check them out.




10. Fantasy Super Cosplay Wrestling

FSCW is a ‘does what it says on the tin’ type of promotion. Rather than wrestle as their own persona, or portray original characters specific to that promotion (much like what you would see on Lucha Underground or WOW), everyone at Fantasy Super Cosplay Wrestling performs as a beloved pop culture character , whether they be from video games, movies, anime, comic book series, etc. Ever wanted to see Brian Cage dress as muscular villain Bane from the Batman franchise, taking on Caleb Konley cosplaying as Starlord from Guardians of the Galaxy? Well, you have extremely specific tastes, and FSCW can meet them!

FSCW is essentially WWE video games’ community creations come to life. You can see X-Men, Sailor Moon, Disney icons, Lara Croft, Overwatch characters, Street Fighter brawlers, DC villains, they even have Master Roshi as a referee! How freaking awesome is that?! Don’t go into it expecting End Game levels of production value and emotional moments, but for a really fun time watching some ridiculous wrestling featuring more crossovers than The Avengers, I’d definitely recommend giving FSCW a try.




9. Lucha VaVoom

Located in the heart of Hollywood, Lucha VaVoom combines the worlds of lucha libre, burlesque, and stand up comedy. VaVoom’s unique roster combines established characters such as Joey Ryan and Rey Horus with well-known performers wrestling as LVV exclusive characters, such as Dirty Sanchez, Green Fuzz and Matt Classic (who I am assured is definitely not Colt Cabana).

Along with the grappling, VaVoom shows are hosted by professional comedians to keep you laughing throughout. Between matches, you’ll be treated to burlesque performances and circus level acrobatics. Oh, and one of the wrestlers shits his pants on pretty much every show.

Basically, if you like fun pro wrestling, having a laugh, a bit of partial nudity, and watching a man pretend to defecate in his gear, Lucha VaVoom is the experience for you.




8. Hoodslam

Sex, drugs, and people out on parole – Hoodslam has it all.

This California based promotion was created with edgier content in mind. Along with the proficient use of profanity, sexuality, obscenity and general absurdity, what really makes Hoodslam stand out is their open encouragement of drugs and alcohol at their shows. Go to a Hoodslam show and you’re likely to be watching the action through a crowd of smoke from all of the weed in the audience, as well as from the competitors themselves, especially roster members such as Drugz Bunny and The Stoner Brothers.

Their tag line is “Don’t Bring Your F’n Kids” and for good reason. It’s raunchy wrestling only suitable for adults, and if that’s your kind of thing, they broadcast all of their shows for free on Twitch. If that isn’t enough to convince you to check Hoodslam out, let me just say this: they have a wrestler called Glorious Banana. If that isn’t for you then I have no idea what is.



7. Party World Rasslin’

A name like Party World Rasslin’ just screams out fun, doesn’t it? Their main belt is even called the Partyweight Championship. PWR describe their shows as “physical comedy and absurdist premises with heartfelt stories and characters” with the goal to “[put on] the craziest spectacle possible, bring people together in one place, and to usher in the apocalypse.”

In case you’re wondering what kind of performers show up to a party promotion, their roster includes The Dumpster Babes, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pastaman, and Space Lizard Super Wizard. So far, PWR have held a dinosaur themed show, a pirate themed show, a space themed show, a slime themed show, and strangest of all, a Florida themed show. If you want a good time sprinkled with a wonderful heap of a weirdness, party down and watch some rasslin’.



6. MAKAI Project

Do you ever go to a pro wrestling show and complain at the lack of live music? Do you ever go to a concert and complain about the lack of acting? Do you ever go to see some live theatre and complain there isn’t enough good ol’ wrasslin’? Well, you’re a very picky individual, but MAKAI has got all three basis covered. MAKAI Project is a hybrid of pro wrestling, performances from some of the top bands in Japan, and live theater segments, all blended into one wonderfully weird package.

Starring AEW’s Hikaru Shida, MAKAI Project combines soap opera worthy acting, dancing, gigantic sword and axe battles straight out of Soul Calibur, dancing, pirates, pounding heavy metal music, priests, witches, sorcery, and of course, in-ring action. Pro wrestling has often been called a variety show, yet MAKAI Project is taking that notion to a whole different level.



5. Freak Show Wrestling

If a circus from a horror movie made a baby with a wrestling promotion, Freak Show Wrestling would be the result. Founded by former WWE star Sinn Bodhi, a pig mask-wearing clown that fittingly refers to himself as the Warlord of Weird, FSW is a horrifying yet strangely entertaining combination of magicians, comedians, live musicians, circus, burlesque and sideshow performers, and of course, there’s some pro wrestling in there too.

These are just some of the attractions hosted by FSW so far: an Invisible Steel Cage Match, a Boxing Glove Bazookas Match, a Carnival Death Match, an Anti-Gravity Match, a Whipped Cream Thumb-Tack Pies Match, a Michael Jackson Knife Fight, Vampires vs. Robots Match, and last but certainly not least, Jesus vs Santa.

FSW’s roster boasts such stars as Cereal Man, a homosexual nazi called Gaydolf, Clownvis (Clown Elvis), Stink Floyd, and of course, God. Basically, don’t go to an FSW show expecting wrist locks and takedowns, instead you’ll be greeted with demonic clowns and knife-wielding, problematic, dead celebrities. Even Pennywise would be a little concerned about going to a show like this.



4. Mr Cat’s Wrestling

Yes, this is real. It’s a wrestling promotion ran by a humanoid cat called… Mr Cat. Mr Cat not only runs the shows, he performs in them too, usually in the main event – his most recent match was against Cruiserweight Classic competitor Ho Ho Lun. It may be hard to believe from what you can see, but Mr Cat’s Wrestling isn’t exactly the most serious of wrestling promotions, however I can definitely guarantee that it will be the best cat-based pro wrestling company you will ever find in the Warrington area.

Good luck trying to sleep with Mr Cat invading your nightmares tonight. You’re welcome.



3. 666 Wrestling

Japan’s 666 Wrestling was founded by a pro wrestling poltergeist named Onryo. I think that’s a pretty good basis for how weird this company is.

The story goes that Onyro, a name derived from Japanese folklore, is a former professional wrestler who won a cursed championship belt that caused him to die and become a ghost. Using his connections to the other side, Onyro set up one of the wildest promotions in Japan. 666’s roster includes the lead singer of a punk band whose name is The Crazy SKB (a man obsessed with using fireworks and generally setting himself on fire), a nymphomaniac, and former motorcycle gang leader turned deathmatch wrestler.

Perhaps 666 are most infamously known for making their main authoritative heel a seven year old demon school girl called President Ramu that would chokeslam grown men (seriously). She barely ever lost, held three championships during her career, and retired against the legendary Tajiri before she even reached her teenage years.

666 is violent, supernatural, and downright crazy. It really is a shame that pro wrestling in general doesn’t have more chokeslamming infants.



2. Kaiju Big Battel

There is nothing in the world like a Kaiju Big Battel show. Imagine if professional wrestling combined with Japanese monster movies, Power Rangers, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – that’s what Kaiju Big Battel is.

With the simple addition of miniature building models, a humble wrestling ring is transformed before your eyes into a city landscape in peril thanks to invading gigantic, killer kaiju monsters! Oh my! Watch from afar as invading aliens and the army of the evil Dr Cube threaten to destroy planet Earth, while our defending behemoths attempt to save our lives.

Featuring Godzilla-sized cheeseburgers, waffles, monstrous chickens, aliens, robots, cans of chicken noodle soup, a dust rabbit, the most adorable plantain you will ever see, and many, many more wonderfully weird characters, Kaiju may just have the most unique roster in pro wrestling today.

Don’t step into the Kaiju arena expecting the greatest pro wrestling on the planet. When you’re a giant waffle taking on a space tortoise, getting your best moves in can be slightly difficult. Five-star classics aside though, you will watch Kaiju Big Battel and smile thanks to one of the weirdest experiences of your life.



  1. DDT

Here they are: the undisputed king of weirdness. Recently I attended my first ever Dramatic Dream Team live show… and let’s just say it’s an experience I will never forget…

I saw a man get DDT’d into a toilet, a sex doll become a champion, a naked man run through a crowd, someone’s butthole receive a Too Sweet, and Joey Ryan’s lollipop go places no tasty treat should ever venture. Without question one of the most memorable events of my life, and of course, one of the most fun too.

DDT is the promotion that’s held shows on campsites, had matches on public transport, immortalised Chris Brookes as the man that held a Figure Four Leglock as he went down a water slide, staged fights in river kayaks, allowed Minoru Suzuki to battle a robotic mummy and ride a bicycle into another man, gave Omega and Ibushi a platform to lose a match by kissing each other too much, birthed the infamous Dick Flip, and many, many more insanely strange things. But of course, the crown jewel of DDT’s bizarre brand of entertainment is the world-famous Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship.

It’s a belt that’s been traded 303 times in a single night, been contested inside of dreams, and boasts former champions the likes of a monkey, a pair of chopsticks, a 3 year old boy, a ladder, the belt itself, and Rey Mysterio. To begin to cover the weirdness this title belt has gifted us over the last two decades would be an almighty strange task, but luckily I already wrote a piece about that which you can read here

For all the comic nudity and absurdity however, the thing about DDT is that it’s not just weirdness from top to bottom, it actually features some incredible pro wrestling too. If you’ve never seen a DDT show, you’d be safe in assuming every match features a magical penis, an exploding robot from outer space or an inflatable sex doll winning a championship, but that’s only one part of the variety show that is DDT.

Every show you’re guaranteed a top quality pro wrestling match from their extremely talented roster. The main event of DDT’s show in New York was one of the best matches I saw throughout WrestleMania weekend, and anything involving Speedball Mike Bailey is pure gold. It’s the place where Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi first began their relationship, and had an unbelievably good match inside Budokan Hall. If you venture into the quirky universe of DDT, make sure to watch their brilliant, non-wacky matches along the way too.

The inclusion of serious, MOTY candidates on top of the complete insanity they’re widely known for only makes the promotion even more strange in my opinion. DDT still remains the top destination for pro wrestling wonderful weirdness on a regular basis. Any company that is willing to have a dog called Cocolo win a championship by pinning a ladder is a winner in my eyes. As long as your name isn’t Jim Cornette, get over to DDTUniverse.com whenever you need cheering up, and begin to smile as you witness the insanity unfold.




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One thought

  1. Party World Rasslin is also available to watch on twitch! I highly recommend PWR there’s way more to it than listed above. It’s got deep and twisted lore and is based out of Austin Texas. Most of the Lore is about summoning Motherworm, a gigantic serpent that we hope will crush the core of the earth and end all this meaningless misery.

    Puggin head who is a real boy and definitely not a puppet just lost his championship at the last event to Big Daddy Bolero, a Dallas land developer who is trying to gentrify the east side of Austin.

    They have matches with Dr. Trauma performing in ring surgery! Bench Horse, a horse that can bench press! And Dan the Man.. Who everyone hates but also kinda likes.


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