15 Times Cesaro Proved He’s One of the Most Incredible Wrestlers in the World


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I have a hard time believing Cesaro is actually human. On a consistent basis, he puts on high quality matches, exhibits displays of world-class athleticism, and freakish levels of brute strength. I truly believe Cesaro is one of the greatest competitors in not only WWE, but on the entire globe, and here are fifteen examples of times where he proved just that.



When He Caught Aleister Black in Mid-Air

Our most recent entry on the list, catching a fully-grown man out of mid-air is no easy task at the best of times: seizing him by the knees as he dives straight at your face is a completely different challenge. Trust Cesaro to pull off yet another unreal display of brawn though as only he can. More Aleister Black vs. Cesaro matches please, WWE.

That Sequence

We’ve all seen it. This one incredible sequence is shared more times on Twitter than “Simon Gotch Buries Enzo Amore” appears in my YouTube recommendations. Within the span of thirty seconds, Cesaro exhibited exactly why I made this list in the first place: he is absolutely phenomenal in the ring. If you were to list all the abilities you would want to have as an in-ring competitor, Cesaro would have them all and more. Look no further than the most glorious hot tag of all time for proof of that.



Lifting the Big Show

I almost made this a list of times Cesaro proved he wasn’t human. Nobody should be able to lift somebody at least 150 pounds heavier than their own weight, and dump them over the top rope. Not everyone has the biology-defying strength of The Swiss Superman though, who has also managed to hit his finisher, The Neutralizer, on the world’s largest absolute unit in the past also. Although it sadly didn’t turn into anything of real substance, in this moment, the sight of Cesaro lifting the largest athlete in the world off his feet, accompanied by the wave of shock that spread through the audience, that was a star making moment which further proved how ridiculously impressive this man can be.



That Uppercut

The strength required to pull this off as crisply as this is insane. Look at this. Look at this piece of beautiful, violent art. I will never, ever get sick of watching Cesaro launch unlucky foes into the air and send them crashing into an uppercut. It’s so simple yet so simultaneously difficult. One of my favourite moves in all of pro wrestling.



Springboard Uppercut from the Ladder

Running towards a rope, bouncing off it and then spinning through the air to hit somebody in the face is an incredible feat of athleticism. Doing the same thing after leaping off a ladder without any hesitation throughout is simply a feat of Cesaro.


giphy (1).gif

His Run as Part of Three Fantastic Tag Teams

Being a part of one great tag team is certainly an achievement, being a part of three different successful duos is phenomenal.

Prior to arriving in WWE, the man then known as Claudio Castagnoli joined forces with Chris Hero to dominate CHIKARA and Ring of Honor. The pairing were known for their endless amounts of superb double-team offence that made for some absolutely fantastic matches. Then we got Cesaro and Tyson Kidd, a rather random pairing that turned out to be one of the best duos in WWE within the last five years. Consistently, this team would put on some of the best main roster tag team matches seen in a long while. Finally, we got the formation of The Bar after a highly entertaining best of seven series with Sheamus. The duo would go from bickering enemies to matching kilt-wearing buddies, and it was a delight to watch.

As fantastic of a singles wrestler Cesaro is, he’s also one hell of a tag team competitor. Personally, I think this man needs to be a world champion in WWE, but if we can fit in a Kings of Wrestling reunion at some point along the way, that would be much appreciated.



Every Single Time He Does The Swing

No matter how many times he does it, no matter how many rotations we see, no matter how heavy the victim, I will never stop being impressed by the Cesaro Swing. We’ve seen him to do it to ultra heavyweights, we’ve seen him do it for over a minute, hell, he could probably rotate Godzilla around the ring if he wanted to. The Cesaro Swing is yet another insane feat of strength and conditioning in The Swiss Cyborg’s bag of tricks that nobody else in the world can do better, much like pretty much every other move Cesaro employs in the ring.




How is this possible? Cesaro’s UFO is one of the most ridiculous moves I’ve ever seen. I’m positive this man can actually defy the laws of physics.



His NXT Match Against William Regal

William Regal’s final ever pro wrestling match was broadcast on Christmas Day 2013. Preceded by one of the greatest promos you’re ever likely to see, Regal tried to keep up with the athletic freak standing across the ring from him, but by his own admission, he simply could not compare, calling Cesaro “ten times the wrestler he could ever be”. Regal even admitted that he would need a miracle to beat him.

In the brawl, Cesaro was made to look like a dominating, wrestling machine, the way he should always be betrayed. Whatever Regal threw at his opponent, Cesaro responded with a far more powerful answer. The closing moments of the match saw Cesaro battling in his own head whether to put the legend away or not, before reluctantly hitting a Neutralizer for the victory. It was a display of emotion that showed how Cesaro is capable of far more than just unbelievable displays of athleticism. Check out this retirement brawl for some of the finest storytelling NXT has ever produced.




Beach Balls

I gained so much more respect for Cesaro for doing this. Plus, just look at how quickly he leapt over that barricade and sprinted into the crowd: it’s a level of speed that’s only comparable to me rushing my way to an all-you-can-eat buffet. Teared into those inflatable spheres in the same manner I tear into food too. Fuck those beach balls.

When He Defeated Randy Orton

Back in 2014, after dropping his first name, Cesaro was starting to catch a little steam. Being entered into an Elimination Chamber match that February for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, it seemed as though this extremely talented superstar was finally getting the time in the spotlight he deserved.

Leading up to the match, Randy Orton was placed in a series of singles bouts against all five other participants in the chamber. When he went up against Cesaro, a man who had yet to taste main-event glory, Orton surprisingly laid down for the three count as The Swiss Superman picked up a shocking victory over the then reigning champion. Not only did Cesaro bring Orton to a technical, high-standard TV match, he made himself look like a believable threat, and a world champion in the making.

Sadly, this momentum didn’t send him into the WWE Championship scene as we had hoped, but if you just listen to the crowd reaction when he picked up this major win, you can hear how much people wanted Cesaro to ascend to the next level in his career, and that’s something many of us still want to happen five years later.



Springboard Uppercut in a Suit

Suave, sophisticated, and an athletic beast: what more could you want from a pro wrestler?



When He Became a Human Helicopter

Doing either of those things to one man is highly impressive. Doing the Helicopter Crash to two men at the same time is hard to even comprehend. Cesaro has been blowing our minds for such a long time now, even back when he had hair.



His Matches with John Cena

One of the signs of a truly great professional wrestler is their ability to put on a great match regardless of the situation. Cesaro and Cena have only ever encountered each other on WWE television, yet every single time they have put on a pay-per-view quality performance. In 2015, during John Cena’s great US Open Challenge run, Cesaro took Cena to the limit in back-to-back weeks with two memorably great matches. As stellar as their bouts have been however, I think it’s about time we actually saw The Swiss Cyborg defeat Big Match John in the near future.



His Matches with Sami Zayn

Few in WWE have the chemistry that Cesaro and Sami Zayn do. In 2013, Cesaro was sent back to NXT in an effort to display how much potential he has, as well as to bring a little main roster star power to the yellow and black brand. During his time there, his greatest battles came with the newly signed Sami Zayn. Not long after debuting on the developmental show, Sami was paired with Cesaro in a 2/3 Falls Match which remains one of my favourite NXT television matches of all time. If you weren’t excited about Cesaro or Sami prior to this match back when it aired, watching it would make you an instant fan of both.

Following on from this unreal match that sadly pre-dated the WWE Network, the two got to show off what they could do to a much larger audience during the first live show broadcast on the company’s streaming service. All that saw their match at NXT Arrival were instantly blown away. It’s no surprise these two have so much chemistry together: prior to signing with WWE, Cesaro competed several times with a performer that has an extremely similar style to Sami called El Generico (RIP). Looking back on these fantastic bouts, I think it’s fair to say we are long-overdue a main roster feud between these two.



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