This is Not a Cult: A Guide to NORTH Wrestling and Their Streaming Service


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Sometimes you go to a wrestling show, and you just feel something special immediately. The first time I went to NORTH Wrestling, I got that vibe straight away, which is exactly why I haven’t missed a single show this year. I’ve never been welcomed so much by a pro wrestling promotion, its staff, or its fans, it’s got a place in my heart for many reasons, the main one being it consistently puts on absolutely awesome wrestling shows.

If you’re anywhere near the North East of England and have yet to check out a show live and in person for yourself, or you’re too far to travel but want some good quality wrestling to stream, I’m here to let you know what you’ve been missing out on. This is my guide to NORTH Wrestling.



Reasons to go to a NORTH Show/Watch OnDemand

  • NORTH is a Newcastle-based independent promotion founded in 2016 out of a pure love for pro wrestling.
  • I went to a NORTH show for the first time in 2018, and have only missed one show since. I have not missed a single show in 2019.
  • The atmosphere at NORTH is always fun, welcoming, friendly and passionate. One of the best environments I’ve ever experienced in wrestling.
  • NORTH alumni includes Jimmy Havoc, Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, El Phantasmo, Session Moth Martina, Aussie Open, Jack Gallagher, Chris Brookes, Ligero, Amir Jordan, Primate, and many, many more.
  • NORTH shows always encourage diversity, featuring a good mix of hard-hitting, high-flying, comedy, hardcore, intergender, and pretty much any other style of wrestling you could want.
  • NXT UK talents regularly perform at NORTH shows.
  • NORTH always operate out of The Riverside nightclub in Newcastle – a fantastic venue ideal for pro wrestling. The building’s decor provides a great backdrop as fans surround the ring (without barricades), but there is also a balcony directly over-looking the ring for a great birds-eye view. (Also I have seen them sell chocolate and lollipops behind the bar so definitely bonus points there).
  • If you’re at a NORTH show, chances are you’re going to get close to the action. Wrestlers at NORTH have a tendency to batter each other all around The Riverside, and sometimes even directly outside the venue. It’s an intimate experience few other promotions have replicated for me. Oh, and I once had beer spat on me during a tag team match.
  • The Anti-Fun Police wrestle there.
  • Tom Campbell is a fantastic host and ring announcer that always sets the mood perfectly for every show (and is bound to make you laugh too).
  • I’ve taken non-wrestling fans to NORTH shows, and they’ve had the best time.
  • Their OnDemand service is extremely cheap at only $4 a month! And even cheaper when you use code HAIRYNORTH for 30% off a subscription for up to 6 months!
  • Basically, if you like really good wrestling, and just generally having a good time, give NORTH a chance.



Other Cool Stuff to Note

  • NORTH is celebrating their 3rd birthday at time of posting.
  • Recently NORTH were responsible for putting on the pre-show match at PROGRESS’ Chapter 91.
  • Along with merch from all of the wrestlers that perform there, you can also pick up goodies from Wrestle Crate UK and Grapple Clothing (check out my discount page for promo codes to use on their sites).
  • My Twitter handle is printed on their ring mat.
  • NORTH prides itself on helping develop younger talents and give them opportunities.
  • They offer season and half season tickets for discounted tickets if you’re a regular.
  • NORTH helps to raise funds for a mental health charity called Tiny Changes.
  • If you like the song Thunderstruck by AC/DC, you’ll enjoy being at a NORTH show.
  • NORTH shows always have a fun VIP pre-show and an after party, sometimes featuring wrestling video games courtesy of Grapple Arcade.
  • The owner of NORTH has an absolutely adorable dog. Please support this company so you can in-turn support that dog.


If you’re still not convinced on NORTH, I asked some wrestlers, YouTubers, referees, etc to give me their thoughts on why NORTH is such a great company


What’s it Like to Wrestle for NORTH?

  • A-Kid (Team White Wolf member, NXT UK star, BOLA entrant): “I really, really enjoy wrestling at NORTH. I really like the crowd there. I remember they gave us a huge welcome the first time we wrestled there and that was something we’d never had anywhere else before.”
  • Rory Coyle (Former NORTH Champion): “It’s special. It’s the only place where you can pretend to be a priest, crucify Jesus , punch a kid, kidnap a lass and still be cheered. I wouldn’t be the wrestler I am today without North and it’s fans. It’s always been my favorite place to wrestle and I don’t think anything will ever take it’s place.” 
  • El Phantasmo (Bullet Club member, current IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion): “NORTH SUCKS ASS” (by ELP standards, this is a compliment, trust me.)
  • Benji (Defiant Tag Team Champion): “NORTH’s 3 year anniversary is also the Landed Gentry’s 2nd year anniversary. NORTH gave Zeo and I a chance at NCL 5: Head Over Heels to try something completely different than what we were already doing, and for that I can’t thank NORTH enough. They have invested so much time and effort into our team. The NORTH events are like no other: they can be enjoyed by non-wrestling and wrestling fans alike. I literally tell everyone I know “Come a long and watch a live NORTH event, I guarantee you’ll love it.” Part of this has to do with the atmosphere of the Riverside, the NORTH fans are some of the best wrestling fans in the world. They are passionate about wrestling and want everyone to have fun.
    That pretty much sums up NORTH events for me they are always so much fun. If I wasn’t a wrestler, I’d be in the crowd with a whiskey chanting along with them.”
  • Visage (Defiant Tag Team Champion): “The north of England has always been a home away from home for me, and NORTH is no different. My debut with the company was wild, I was accepted by the audience with open arms and I can’t wait to go back and show what else I can do.”
  • Roxxy (NORTH regular):“NORTH gave me opportunity after opportunity to keep coming back and keep getting better, and I’ll always be grateful for that. I also love that NORTH feels like a family, it’s such an amazing atmosphere and you are so looked after…. I mean there’s a kettle in the changing room. It feels like NORTH is finally putting the North East in a good light for wrestling and putting us on the map, people now actually want to come up North and wrestle!”




What’s it Like to Watch a NORTH Show Live?

  • Adam Pacitti (Cultaholic presenter, was once on a billboard): “The matches themselves are some of the best the country has to offer. The atmosphere is refreshingly welcoming. The wrestlers care. NORTH is a promotion with soul.”
  • Jack G. King (Cultaholic presenter, AKA Jack The Jobber, former DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion): “As well as booking an exciting array of wrestlers determined to put on great matches, NORTH’s biggest strength is its atmosphere. Each show attracts a loud, passionate group of fans who really add something special to every event.”
  • Riptide Wrestling“Community is the main word I would associate with NORTH. Unlike some scenes, it’s a very accessible community. I’ve only made it up to one NORTH show, but straight away was made to feel like I belonged there.”
  • Breed Pro Wrestling:In 3 years, NORTH have managed to create a unique and loud brand of professional wrestling with a cult following, mixing some of the best North East talent and some of the next big stars of the BritWres scene and beyond.Happy Birthday and congratulations on reaching 3 years, NORTH!”



What’s it Like to Work for NORTH?

  • Tom Campbell (Cultaholic presenter, NORTH ring announcer and commentator, former Heart Radio presenter): “”I came to NORTH Wrestling as a fan. Had they not brought me on board to be their MC I would be in the crowd with beer in hand, amongst the best wrestling fans in the world. NORTH is a special place and if you’re coming along for the first time at our next show, you will immediately find out why”.
  • Calling Spots Magazine/Wrestle Crate UK: (Neil Rodgers) We were lucky enough to speak to Andrew (NORTH owner) in the build up to the first NORTH and his passion made us a fan before a match number one had happened. Seeing NORTH grow from a card rundown in our local pub to a company that puts on some of the best matches in front of some of the most loyal fans is a great feeling. NORTH is without a doubt our favourite promotion and we’re incredibly lucky that it is right in our doorstep.”
  • ‘Jumping’ John Myers (Pro wrestling referee for multiple promotions including NORTH): “There is a big thing in wrestling at the moment about letting wrestlers ‘play their music’, and NORTH most definitely play… and play LOUD. I’ve worked a lot of different places in my 17+ years – family friendly shows, over 18 shows, tiny social clubs, arena events, tattoo conventions, festivals – none of those places have the magic that NORTH has every single time they put on an event. It truly is something to behold – NORTH’s OnDemand service is excellent but being at a NORTH event live… with the smoke, the lights, the music, the action so close you could almost reach out and touch it, in amongst the fans/the NORTH Faithful/the Cult… there is no place like it to perform. Whether my last show is months from now or decades from now… I hope it’s at NORTH.”
  • Calling Spots Magazine/Wrestle Crate UK: (Louisa Rodgers) “Very quickly I knew NORTH was special. Social anxiety used to be a real problem for me, but NORTH helped me overcome some of that. It was the first place where I got over that and felt brave enough to say hello to people as they came in.”
  • Grapple Clothing (NORTH sponsor and merch seller): Andrew has really created something special with the atmosphere, fanbase and overall welcoming vibe to every NORTH show, and I can’t wait to see it keep growing and get even better in years to come. From the very start of working with NORTH and the people involved, I’ve never felt more welcomed and a part of the family. It’s such a tight knit group of wrestlers and fans alike that makes you personally feel proud when you see NORTH growing, getting these great opportunities & having amazing shows one after the other.
  • Jordan Swinburn (AusWresGifs, NORTH video editor): I’ve been attending NORTH since their second show. I’ve watched the promotion blossom over three years and even when I was losing my love for British wrestling, my love for NORTH grew and grew. I wouldn’t secretly fly 24 hours back from Sydney and attend a show 4 hours after landing for anyone else.I found some of my best friends through NORTH, I found a cult and this year I was privileged enough to be invited to join the NORTH family behind the scenes. I feel proud to call NORTH my home, and urge anyone and everyone to come see what we’re all about.”




NORTH OnDemand

  • It only costs $3.99 a month, one of the cheapest streaming services out there. Use code HAIRYNORTH for 30% off for up to 6 months – that’s just $2.80 a month!
  • There is no free trial period, yet for that price, you may as well give it a try.
  • NORTH tends to host shows once a month, so you’re usually getting to see a new show from them with each month’s subscription price, along with content from other promotions.
  • Finding content is easy: you can break it down into promotions, list it by date so you can watch the most recent content, use the search function to find specific shows, or search a wrestler’s name, e.g. Amir Jordan, to only watch content involving them.
  • Features back catalog of shows from NORTH and other promotions.
  • NORTH OnDemand is hosted by Pivotshare, the same streaming service used by PROGRESS and countless other promotions so it is reliable. You can watch it through most browsers, but there is yet to be a dedicated app for it.




Recommended Free Matches to Try Out



OnDemand Matches You Need to Watch

  • El Phantasmo vs. Kyle Fletcher – NCL 16: There’s a reason why I include this in my list of my favourite matches from the first half of 2019. I’ve never laughed more at a live pro wrestling match than I did with this one. On paper, ELP vs. Kyle Fletcher is a high-flying, fast-paced battle full of high spots and unreal athleticism. What we got that night was one of the most entertaining comedy matches I’ve ever seen. Featuring slow motion, partial nudity, and even a bit of stripping, this was comedy gold throughout.
  • Spike Trivet vs. TK Cooper vs. Rory Coyle – NCL 18: A solid triple threat match that had some genuinely surprising and impressive moments, a good bit of a brawling, and a finish which sent the audience into a state of shock.
  • Amir Jordan vs. Session Moth Martina – NCL 15: The funniest referee spot you will ever see. Seriously, just watch this, you won’t regret it.
  • Session Moth Martina vs. Charli Evans (Deathmatch) – NCL 18: Not the standard comedy match you’d expect from the Queen of the Sesh that we all know and love. A genuinely brutal, hardcore brawl that traveled all around the venue, and even outside into the street. Blood, weapons and booze.
  • Team WhiteWolf vs. Chief Deputy Dunne and Kip Sabian – NCL 8: Team WhiteWolf are one of my favourite teams in the world, and here’s proof of why.
  • Mark Davis vs. AJ Istria – NCL 16: A very hard-hitting affair that is an absolute pleasure to watch.
  • Mark Davis vs. Scotty Davis – NCL 15: If you want evidence of how much of a beast Mark Davis is, watch this match.
  • The Landed Gentry vs. Rufio, Roxxy and Fraser Thomas – NCL 18: Really silly fun, and you get to see Benji’s butt, so that’s a bonus.



What Else is on their OnDemand Service?

  • Along with every new NORTH show, their OnDemand service also gives you access to some other promotions from around the world.
  • If you don’t want to subscribe but want to check out a specific show, you do have the option to rent or buy every show.
  • Bar Wrestling: Joey Ryan’s Bar Wrestling is all about having fun and having a few drinks. An adult orientated promotion much like NORTH with plenty of shows to check out.
  • NORTH Q&A’s: In the past, NORTH shows were preceded by a Q&A session with Botchamania’s Maffew along with one of the wrestlers on the show. Although this has since been replaced with a quiz battle, you can still watch the Q&A’s on NORTH OnDemand.
  • WhiteWolf Wrestling: An independent company that’s been making a name for itself in the last year or so, and home to the five-star match between Zack Sabre Jr. and A-Kid.
  • World Wrestling All-Stars: Bit of an odd inclusion here but yeah, you can watch two shows from the infamous and short-lived World Wrestling All-Stars (watch Wrestling With Wregret’s fine video for more info).



Tickets and Info Found Here

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