Wrestle Crate UK July Review, + Promo Code!


I started subscribing to Wrestle Crate UK back in 2015. It’s a service I loved enough to write two lists about in the past, so here’s a review of their July 2019 box to give you all an idea of the value they offer. And in case you decide you want to sign up, you can go to WrestleCrate.co.uk and use code “HAIRYWRESTLING” to get a free extra item in your first crate.

August’s crate features an exclusive signed Shawn Michaels item, and an exclusive item from IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion, and Bullet Club member, El Phantasmo.

Wrestle Crate Lite is £11.99 + P+P: it features 4-6 items, including a t-shirt

Wrestle Crate is £21.99 + P+P: it features 6-9 items, including a t-shirt





Grapple Clothing T-Shirt

Without question, my favourite Wrestle Crate tee design to date. Newcastle-based Grapple Clothing make some top quality, original wrestling apparel. From jackets to hats to tees, they’ve got you covered. Now, they’ve gifted all of WC’s subscribers with an absolutely gorgeous exclusive shirt. It’s got a great mix of complimenting colours, it’s got a skull, it’s got lucha masks, it’s got a cat, it’s got Japanese writing – what more could a wrestling fan want?!

Use code HWF at GrappleClothing.co.uk for 10% off



Trent Seven Vinyl Figure

Another one of WC’s best exclusive selling points is their range of vinyl Heavy Crate figures, celebrating the best talent the UK has to offer. This month, they took a trip up Moustache Mountain to bring back down these adorable mini Trent Seven’s. Featuring his signature pose, Black Country colours on his trunks, and moustache kneepads, this is a great addition to any wrestling fan’s figure collection, or your desk at work to keep you smiling throughout the day.



Terry Funk Signed 8×10

I’ve said it before, Wrestle Crate can’t be beaten for signed prints thanks to their original artwork and high quality finish. Out of all of the talents they’ve brought on board for these collectibles over the years, this is without question one of my favourites. Terry Funk is a genuine legend, a true innovator in pro wrestling, so to get artwork hand-signed by the man himself inside this month’s crate, along with everything else that came along with it, that is a funking awesome deal.




Show your support for the new project started by David Starr and James Musselwhite with this simple metallic pin badge. We The INDEPENDENT is a movement determined to gain more rights for independent professional wrestlers, including health support, financial support for the injured, and much more (Learn more here). Considering that a colour-swapped version of this exact same design is currently on sale for £9.99 on their merch store, including this pin badge along with the rest of this month’s items is a great indication of the value for money WC provides.



30 Days Free of OWE

Since its inception in 2017, Oriental Wrestling Entertainment has been blowing minds around the world thanks to their incredible roster of talent that are capable of pulling off unreal feats of athleticism usually only reserved for martial arts movies. To celebrate the establishment of their new OWE UK promotion, the Chinese company currently partnered with All Elite Wrestling, along with the streaming service Nothing Else on TV, offered a 30-day free trial to Wrestle Crate customers so they can sample their weekly shows and specials before their upcoming UK tour kicks off in September. As far as free trials go, this may be the most exciting offering in Wrestle Crate history.



Ho Ho Lun Signed 8×10

Former Cruiserweight Classic competitor, Ho Ho Lun, made his WC debut inside July’s crate with this great quality signed promo shot. Many fans got to see Lun do his thing during his recent UK tour (myself included), so I’m sure this was a pleasant surprise for a lot of Wrestle Crate’s subscribers when they opened their box this month.



Jake the Snake Roberts Sticker

The t-shirt design I loved so much from last month’s crate makes a return as a nice little sticker. Like with a lot of Wrestle Crate’s items, it’s not something I’d ever think to go and look for, but it’s definitely something I love, which is why it’s already on my laptop.



PCW Best of Lionheart DVD

In tribute to Lionheart, a beloved wrestler who sadly passed recently, July’s Wrestle Crate featured a DVD full of his best matches for Preston City Wrestling, with all proceeds being donated to his family.


If you want to subscribe to either Wrestle Crate Lite or Wrestle Crate, make sure to use code HAIRYWRESTLING for a free extra item

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