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638f25f7b9e74ab698030e965ae0d897 – Use code HAIRYWRESTLING for a free extra item in your first crate
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NORTH Wrestling – Get 30% off their streaming service for up to 6 months using code HAIRYNORTH           
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Riptide Wrestling – Get 30% off their streaming service for up to 6 months using code HAIRY (Click here for a guide on watching Riptide)


Pro Wrestling EVE – Get 25% off their streaming service for a month with code EVEGETSHAIRY
Free S+H included with no cancellation fees! *US Offer Only*
Get 10% off Booking.Com!


Wrestle Crate UK: A monthly mystery crate service I’ve used since 2015. Featuring original t-shirts, signed prints, unique items, Funko products, and much more. Prices start from £11.99 plus P+P.

Grapple Clothing: Top quality clothing featuring hand-drawn designs with new products on a regular basis. 

Faces Apparel: Heavy metal inspired tees featuring official designs for Jimmy Havoc, Bea Priestley and Travis Banks.

NORTH Wrestling: A promotion based in Newcastle that hosts extremely fun shows and features some of the best talents around today. In fact, I love NORTH so much, I never miss a live show.

Riptide Wrestling: The most beautifully shot pro wrestling in the world. I cannot recommend you check out this cinematic take on in-ring action enough.

Pro Wrestling EVE: An all-female wrestling promotion based in London that always puts on a fantastic show. With a punk rock vibe and a wealth of talent in their roster, EVE are a company you definitely need to get behind.

ThumbsDesign: Make amazing crossover merchandise with pop culture franchises, including the Springfield Mania line of stickers, pins and an incredible t-shirt, featuring Simpsons characters dressed as legendary wrestlers. Another personal favourite are the Pokemon x Simpsons crossover stickers, pin badges and trading cards.

Lariat Apparel – A new clothing company started up by some great people. Good quality, simple logo tees at affordable prices, with much more to come in the future.