Top 15 WrestleMania Week Matches: 2018



WrestleMania season is over for another year, but before we start looking forward to the 35th edition of the show, let’s look back at the best matches we saw in the biggest week of pro wrestling of the year – here are the Top 15 Best WrestleMania Week Matches: 2018.

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Five Potential WWE Tournaments

Wrestling fans absolutely love tournaments. Well, I know I do anyway. All across the world, tournaments are the highlights of every promotion’s annual calendar, such as NJPW’s Best of the Super Juniors, PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles, Lucha Underground’s Cueto Cup, WCPW’s Pro Wrestling World Cup, and Progress’ Super Strong Style. From the King of the Ring to the Cruiserweight Classic, tournaments have always been a part of WWE programming, yet in the last few years, they really have seemed to have made a comeback, with the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, and the upcoming Mae Young Classic. These tournaments always prove to be successful, pulling in a lot of praise and attention for their great in-ring action, surprising and memorable moments, and ability to create stars. With that in mind, perhaps it’s time for WWE to draw up a few more brackets and order a few more trophies. But what tournaments could WWE potentially do in the near future? Well, I have a few suggestions. Here are Five Potential WWE Tournaments.

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Top 10 Most Underutilised Talents in WWE

WWE is home to some of the most talented performers in the world of wrestling. However, talent unfortunately doesn’t always mean success. Sometimes, even the best grapplers get swept under the ring, kept backstage, or are put a position on the card they simply don’t deserve to be in. It’s happened all too often over the years, and it’s sadly still going on today. But which WWE personnel’s skills are most going to waste? Here are my Top 10 Most Underutilised Talents in WWE.

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