WWE Network Championship – a Hairy Idea

Talking about wrestling always leads to some interesting thoughts being brought to the table. You might discuss who WWE should sign next, or who should be brought up to the main roster, perhaps you like to chat about the best stars of the Attitude Era or the most memorable moments from your childhood, maybe your friend will confess they have a secret crush on Vickie Guerrero or tell you who’s bulge they think looks the best in a tight little pair of wrestling trunks – whatever the topic of wrestling discussion, it’s always bound to be ‘interesting’ in one way or another.

During one of these in-depth grappling talks recently, my friend Josh Lochrie (follow him on Twitter @Lochri69) brought up an interesting idea, so interesting in fact that I had to write a whole damn article about it.

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Top 15 Wrestle Crate UK Items

I love a bit of merch. We all do; we want to show our support for our favourite wrestlers and promotions. The problem is that there’s so much beautiful merchandise out there, yet so little money in my wallet. Yet, no matter how light they may leave our pockets, we just cannot resist treating ourselves from time to time.

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Top 15 Favourite Finishers of All Time

I have been a wrestling fan ever since I first saw a man wearing a pink and black singlet back in 1998 on WCW Nitro. So in my eighteen years of pure, uninterrupted obsession, I have seen a LOT of finishing moves, thus whittling those hundreds of maneuvers down to just fifteen of my favourites was a daunting task. Nevertheless, I powered my way through this struggle just for you, the reader (yes, I really am that good to you). So after a lot of debate and trips down Nostalgia Boulevard, I have compiled my top 15 favourite finishers of all time.

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