Top 10 Dropkicks in Wrestling

The dropkick – a simple move performed by hundreds of wrestlers in various forms over the years. It can be good, it can be not so good (I’m looking at you Cena), but in some cases, it can be spectacular. With all the dozens upon dozens of wrestlers who have performed this move night in, night out in the last few decades, trying to decide who does/did it best is a rather difficult task, but I was willing to put in the effort for all my loyal marks out there (thanks for the support, guys). So here they are, the Top 10 Best Dropkicks in Wrestling.

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Top 10 Raw After Wrestlemania Moments

Wrestlemania is the highlight of the wrestling calendar, but unlike other huge sporting events, such as The Super Bowl, it is unique in that once it’s over, the action and excitement doesn’t stop. There is no off-season; in fact, we fans are treated to something almost as exciting the very next night.

The Raw after Wrestlemania has become famous for memorable debuts, returns, retirements, and shocking moments, and I’m going to rank my favourites. Here are my Top 10 Raw After Wrestlemania Moments.

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Top 20 WWE Matches from 2016 that You’ve Probably Already Forgotten About

As evident by my list of the Top 25 Best Matches of the Year, 2016 was an absolutely incredible year for wrestling. It was crammed full of historic events, fantastic moments, and most importantly, amazing, memorable matches. However, even in such a landmark year for this wonderful sport, not everything was up to the world class standard. There were plenty of globally exposed matches from Vinny Mac’s House of Graps that have slipped through our minds in just less than a year. Even if you’re WWE through and through, you’ll be scratching your head when reading this one. Here are the Top 20 Big WWE Matches from 2016 that You’ve Probably Already Forgotten About.

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Top 25 Best Matches of 2016: Part One

2016 has been an incredible year for wrestling. A fucking terrible year for literally everything else – Donald Trump was elected President, Britain left the EU, almost every celebrity on Earth died, and Toblerone changed shape, but forget about all of that evil, at least wrestling was great!

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The Miz – An A-List Talent

For the last ten years, there’s been one WWE talent that I’ve consistently hated. Well, that is until this year.

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Top 10 Worst Finishers in WWE

A wrestler’s finisher/s is/are the best weapon/s in their arsenal. It says something about them, explains how they choose to fight and how they decide to end their matches. Not only that, good finishers can also define the wrestler they belong to – what would Stone Cold be without the Stunner, or Scotty 2 Hotty without The Worm? Given how important they are, nailing a good finisher is one of the most important decisions a wrestler can make; but sometimes, they get it seriously wrong. In this list, I’ll be looking at the wrestlers in WWE today that really got it wrong (for the ones that got it right, check out my list of the Top 15 Best Finishers in WWE).

I’m going to be ranking the top 10 worst finishers in WWE today based on how ineffective they are, how little sense they make, and how visually unappealing they are to me.

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