Top 20 Matches of the Year: 2017 – Part One

2017 has almost come to an end. In my opinion, this has been one of, if not the best year for pro wrestling that I’ve ever been witness to, especially when it comes to match quality. Full of amazing moments, history-making matches, and an endless amount of fantastic content for any type of fan to enjoy around the world, wrestling in 2017 has truly been a gift to us all. But with a year so packed full of scale-breaking MOTY candidates, how on Earth could we whittle so many great bouts down to just the best of the best? There have been certain wrestlers this year that could fill a regular year’s MOTY list with their own matches alone, that’s how good the standard of pro wrestling is right now. An honourable mention in this list could have been a top five match ten years ago. We are experiencing a golden age when it comes to quality pro wrestling, and if you don’t believe me, just take a look at the unbelievable selection of matches we’ve been treated to in the last twelve months. Here is part one of my Top 20 Matches of the Year: 2017.

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