A Quick Guide to Bullet Club’s Newest Member, ‘Bone Soldier’ Taiji Ishimori

In April 2018, vignettes began to air on New Japan programming proclaiming that the infamous Bone Soldier would be returning to the promotion. For those that don’t know, Bone Soldier, portrayed by the man formerly known as Captain New Japan, was a pointless addition to the incredibly popular Bullet Club faction, who lasted all of five months in the stable, being voted as the Worst Gimmick of 2016 by WON, and described as an “intergalactic disaster” by BC’s own Kenny Omega.

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Top 10 Candidates to Join Bullet Club

Bullet Club is the most popular stable in the wrestling world. Not since the late 90s have we seen a group completely take over the sport quite like this. Bullet Club shirts are the new NWO shirts, and too sweet is the new…too sweet.

The group has had some of the biggest stars in wrestling in its ranks over the last few years, including two of WWE’s biggest stars right now, but given the turnover of talent they’ve already experienced since their inception, and that the group currently contains some of the most highly scouted performers in the world, Bullet Club is always open to new recruits. But when the time comes to bring in some new bone soldiers, who should the Biz Cliz turn to? Well, I may have just who they are looking for. Here are my Top 10 Candidates to Join Bullet Club.

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