“Andre” – An Original Poem

He emerged from France seeking fortune and fame, Andre the Giant, the whole word knows the name. Standing seven-feet tall, too heavy to weigh, A face so iconic it could make people Obey.   A myth come to life far, greater than the rest, The Giant beat them all, the best of the best. An … Continue reading “Andre” – An Original Poem

“The Golden Lovers” – An Original Poem

One man crossed the world, a dream to fight his idol. Two men brawled all night, their actions suicidal. Two rivals earned respect, and a standing ovation. Two foes amazed the world, showered in admiration.   Two men formed a bond, one mutual connection. Two rivals no more, they shared love and affection. Two partners … Continue reading “The Golden Lovers” – An Original Poem

The Fall From Hell: An Original Poem

They tried to lock him up inside of hell, But The Maniac would not comply. Instead he ascended atop the cell, And stood with the lights up in the sky.   The Deadman emerged from behind the curtain, His body shrouded in deep nightshade. What lied ahead was all but certain, Yet neither man seemed … Continue reading The Fall From Hell: An Original Poem

“The Escape” – An Original Poem

When I wrap my hands in adhesive tape, That's when I finally start to escape. Reality's clutches begin to weaken, I feel no pain, no matter how beaten.   Standing in that ring, nothing else matters. My problems melt away as the blood splatters. By day, I’m crippled by worry and strife. By night, I’m … Continue reading “The Escape” – An Original Poem

Steel Cage: An Original Poem

An animal in a steel cage, fans thirsty for some action. The circus is in town again, and I’m the main attraction. There’s no lions in the show, no clowns on the stage, Just two men and four ropes, surrounded by a cage.   I stare into his eyes, my foe stood across the ring, … Continue reading Steel Cage: An Original Poem