Top 10 Raw After Wrestlemania Moments

Wrestlemania is the highlight of the wrestling calendar, but unlike other huge sporting events, such as The Super Bowl, it is unique in that once it’s over, the action and excitement doesn’t stop. There is no off-season; in fact, we fans are treated to something almost as exciting the very next night.

The Raw after Wrestlemania has become famous for memorable debuts, returns, retirements, and shocking moments, and I’m going to rank my favourites. Here are my Top 10 Raw After Wrestlemania Moments.

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Top 15 Favourite Wrestlemania Moments

Wrestlemania is the biggest highlight in every wrestling fan’s calendar. This long-running event holds so many moments that we all cherish and will remember for as long as we live. So as we gear up for this year’s show of shows in Orlando, I’m looking at all of the various different aspects that make the biggest PPV in wrestling so special.

WWE loves to promote the concept of ‘Wrestlemania Moments’ – while they do sound like a corny marketing scheme, they certainly hold a lot of memories for a lot of people. Wrestlemania is the home to many of our most cherished, fond wrestling memories (and it’s also home to some terrible memories, like Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler), so much so that I couldn’t limit this list to just ten. So here they are, my Top 15 Favourite Wrestlemania Moments.

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Top 10 Cool Moves That Wouldn’t Actually Hurt

As a wrestling fan, it’s inevitable that you have seen thousands and thousands of moves in your lifetime. And, as a wrestling fan, it’s also inevitable that you have to set aside reality a little in order to truly enjoy a bit of sports entertainment. Sure, there are aspects of wrestling that are completely realistic, but then there are also magical beings that can summon lightning and teleport into caskets. Same goes with the moves – some would fit perfectly in a real life scrap, but then there are some that exist just to look cool. In this list, I’m looking at the moves that are perfectly acceptable in the wonderful world of kayfabe, yet in reality, they just have no use. Here are the Top 10 Cool Moves That Wouldn’t Actually Hurt.

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