Top 10 Worst Tag Team Names in History

Names – they’re pretty important.  In the crazy world of wrestling, it’s important to get a name right as it’s often the first detail fans will know about you. A great name tells the audience exactly what a wrestler is about, and what their prerogative inside the ring is, especially when it comes to tag teams. On the other hand though, get a name wrong, and it can make everything set off to a very bad start. In fact, some names are so terrible, they destroy a tag team’s run instantly with no hope of success. But out of all the pairings seen in promotions across the world over the last five decades or so, which teams have doomed themselves the most with miserable monikers? Well, there’s no need to decide for yourself because I’ve done all the hard work for you. Here are the Top 10 Worst Tag Team Names.

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