Top 15 Times WWE Were Wrong to Release Their Talent

Once you hit the big time, you never know how long you will stay up there. Some spend decades atop the mountain of success, whilst some have a quick cup of coffee and leave. That’s just the nature of wrestling – not everybody can work out in WWE, and only a select few can be those generation-spanning hall of fame legends. Sometimes, talent are let go for understandable reasons, either due to an incident/behavioural issues or just because their spark isn’t quite as bright as it once was, but from time to time, Vinny Mac and co decide to let go of some of their most value talent without any reasonable logic whatsoever. So with WWE recently releasing a handful of it’s roster, it got me thinking – which WWE contract terminations were the most ridiculous and in hindsight, most cost-worthy in company history? Well, let’s find out, here are the Top 15 Times WWE Were Wrong to Release Their Talent.

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